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Dear Members

Firstly, let me wish you all a Happy New Year for 2021, hopefully with the arrival of a vaccine it should be a better year for us all and the club will get back to some normality.


Subscriptions for 2021

As you are aware the subscriptions payment date for this year was extended until the 31st Jan 2021, whilst the club is closed at present, you can still pay this £40 per person by.

  • Sending a cheque in the post with your membership numbers on the back. The Basingstoke Conservative Club, The Mount, Bounty Rd, RG21 3DD
  • Dropping an envelope through the club letterbox with a cheque and your membership number on the back.
  • You can now also pay with your bank card over the phone, just call the club tel number 01256 324211 , leave a message on the answer phone with your name and tel number and Ian will call you back.

If you cannot use any one of these methods, please contact  or telephone 01256 324211

At present less than a 1/3 of members have paid their subscription.

I would ask that you make every effort to pay your subs as the club relies on this once-a-year payment for the running costs, insurance, licences,  repairs etc which we still have to meet even though we are closed, without these payments and no money coming in across the bar or any other income we will struggle. The small amount of money that comes from the government will not sustain the club. Your cooperation on this is much appreciated and will enable us to open up again to provide all the facilities you are used to.

New for 2021

Our Website is to receive a makeover in the next couple of months, for those of you that use it at present the news page is being regularly update.

Also lookout for a new official Basingstoke Conservative Club facebook page in the next few weeks.


I will keep you posted if anything changes in regard to the Tier status and when it will allow us to open up again.


Many thanks

Your Chairman